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Published: 2019-04-23

Parity does not affect the reproductive response of Suizo Americano cows submitted to embryo transference in tropical areas of Guerrero

Ethel C. García, G. Mendoza Medel, Blanca Pineda Burgos, Perla Romero, P. E. Hernández Ruiz, R. Vicente Pérez, E. Valencia Franco, J. L. Ponce

Evaluation of the zootechnical additive SUBTILPROBIO® C-31 on feeding of laying hens in a commercial production unit

Grethel Milián, Marlén Rodríguez, Damarys Dias, Ana I. Rondón, M. L. Pérez, R. Bocourt, Yadileiny Portilla, A. Beruvides

Evaluation of Cenchrus purpureus varieties with salinity tolerance in Valle del Cauto, Cuba. Agronomic performance

Y. Álvarez Báez, R. S. Herrera, Y. Méndez Martínez, J. L. Ramírez de la Ribera, D. Verdecia

Quality of three Brachiaria varieties in Guayas area, Ecuador

J. J. Reyes-Pérez, Y. Méndez-Martínez, R. A. Luna-Murillo, D. M. Verdecia, R. Macias-Pettao, R. S. Herrera

Characterization of the edaphic mesofauna in five grassland agroecosystems of Granma province, Cuba

Licet Chávez Suárez, W. Estrada Prado, Yaquelín Labrada Hernández, Idalmis Rodríguez García, Magalys Herrera Villafranca