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The Cuban Journal of Agricultural Science is a scientific publication with ISSN 2079-3480, edited by the Institute of Animal Science belonging to the Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Cuba. It is open access (CC BY-NC 4.0), and presents a continuous publication system composed of an annual volume. Its mission is to publish quality, unpublished and original articles that make known the scientific-technical progress and the theoretical-practical knowledge generated in the agricultural branch. Its objective is to share with the scientific community the results of the research carried out in this field of specialty, fundamentally those that take place in the tropical and subtropical areas. The magazine includes the following topics, applied to the agricultural branch: mathematics, economics, animal genetics, animal science (physiology, nutrition and management of ruminants and monogastrics, microbiology, biotechnology), pastures, forages and plants of interest for livestock, development rural, environment, sustainable agricultural systems, knowledge management, technology transfer, technological innovation and extensionism. The blind peer review of the manuscripts is carried out by internal and external evaluators of the Editorial Committee, experts of recognized prestige in the international scientific community. Each issue will report on its corresponding reviewers. The acceptance or rejection of a document is the responsibility of the Editorial Committee and is a final decision.


Vol. 57 (2023): Cuban Journal of Agricultural Science

Published: 2023-03-07

Use of microbial additives in apiculture

Grethel Milián, Marlene M. Martínez, Ana J. Rondón, Marlén Rodríguez

Silage of agricultural by-products for pigs feeding. Bibliography review

W. Caicedo, María Vanessa Ruiz, Jissela Estefanía Quilligana, S. Aguiar

Genetic diversity of the Landim mozambicano goat

A. Cavele, E. Pérez Pineda, N. Fonseca, J. L. Ramírez, D. Verdecia, María A. Martínez, J. V. Delgado, C. J. Barba, J. Grizelj

Determination of typologies of rabbit production systems in Ciego de Avila municipality, Cuba

J. Martínez-Melo, J. O. Serrano, C. A. Mazorra, Verena Torres, Dayami Fontes, Angela Borroto

Growth promoting effect of a processed vegetable ingredient in pullets

K. D. Coello, L. A. Castellanos, P. E. Paz, M. Valdivié, Y. Martínez

Arthropods on Platycyamus regnellii (Fabaceae) leaf surface: indice and ecological relationships. Technical Note

G. Leão Demolin-Leite, Nurys Valenciaga, Patrícia Ferreira Santos Guanabens, M. Alvarenga Soares, Júlia Letícia Silva, Gleisiany Nunes Gomes, J. Cola Zanuncio
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