Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and sanctioned by this journal. The journal will ensure at all times the quality of its contents and the proper exercise of ethical practices by each of the authors participating in the publication.

In case of suspicion or non-compliance with any of the good ethical practices established by the journal and the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) in its Code of Conduct, the journal will proceed according to the COPE Flowcharts for each case.

By submitting an article, authors declare that it is original and inedit, that it has not been submitted for review by other journals. Likewise, it has not been copied or plagiarized, in whole or in part. Authors will retain their copyright and grant the journal the right of first publication of their work, which will be simultaneously subject to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Attribution-NonCommercial that allows third parties to share the work as long as its author and first publication in this journal are indicated.

Articles submitted to the journal are first reviewed by the journal editor, according to the editorial policy and requirements established in the Authors´ Instructions. If an article does not pass this first review, it will be returned to the author for further review and submission. It is then passed to the plagiarism detection process. Editors and referees of the journal use the free programs Plagiarisma and Editpad.

If the document has a low percentage of similarity, the authors of the article will be notified and will be sent a test (software report) with the sentences in which plagiarism or coincidence was detected, so that they can be attended to and the updated document will be resubmitted to the journal.

If the document has a high percentage of similarity, the authors of the plagiarized article will be notified, a proof (software report) will be sent, and feedback will be requested. In case the authors are found guilty of plagiarism, the journal will officially publish the retracted article and will reject any other article from authors involved in plagiarism for a period of 5 years.