Vol 54, No 4 (2020)

Cuban Journal of Agricultural Science

The Cuban Journal of Agricultural Science appears every three months and comprises the following topics in the agricultural field: Applied Mathematics, Economics, Animal Genetics, Animal Science (Physiology, Nutrition and Management of Ruminants and Non-ruminants, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Dairy, Beef and Small Livestock), Pastures and Forages, Rural Development, Environment, Sustainable Agricultural Systems, Production Systems, Knowledge Management, Technology Transfer, Technological Innovation and Extension processes.

Table of Contents

Review Article

Yoandra Marrero, Juana Galindo, Yamicela Castillo, O. Ruiz


Arelis Hernández, Raquel Ponce de León

Animal Science

A. C. Alonso, Verena Torres, J. A. Herrera-Hernández, C. A. Iriban, Bertha Chongo
R. Fernández, P. Biga, R. J. Di Masso, P. R. Marini
J. Reyes, Verena Torres, J. M. March, Y. Hernández
J. Zamora, A. del Viento, L. Barrientos, J. M. Palma
L. M. Borrás, Elaine Valiño, A. Elías, J. J. Martínez, A. M. Sanabria, Mónica Becerra
L. M. Borrás, Elaine Valiño, A. Elías, J. J. Martínez, A. M. Sanabria, Mónica Becerra
D. Gutiérrez, H. Borroto
Y. Martínez, R. Rodríguez, G. E. Pupo, O. Rosabal, C. Colmo, M. Valdivié
A. Botello, Y. Martínez Aguilar, M. Cotera, Ch. Morán, M. Ortega Ojeda, Kirenia Pérez, S. Waititu
W. Caicedo, Derwin Diáfara, M. Pérez, F. N. A. Ferreira, Karla Pico, Kely Cachago, S. Valle, W. M. Ferreira

Pasture Science and other Crops

Licet Chávez, Idalmis Rodríguez, W. Estrada
Licet Chávez, Idalmis Rodríguez, D. Benítez, Verena Torres, W. Estrada, Magalys Herrera, Yolaine Medina, Diana Bruqueta
R. Reyes, P. J. González Cañizares, J. F. Ramírez Pedroso