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Published: 2014-01-28

Energy balance of the local system of fattening bovine production in Tecpat?n, Chiapas, M?xico

Francisco Guevara, L. A. Rodr?guez, V. Saraoz, M. La O, H. G?mez, R. Pinto, Mar?a Fonseca, B. Ruiz, J. Nahed

Soybean meal substitution by torula yeast (Candida utilis) grown on vinasses in pelleted diets for fattening rabbits

Abel Ortiz, W. Motta Ferreira, M. Anchieta Ramirez, F. Moraes Hosken, Pedro Lezcano

Probiotic effect of Lactobacillus salivarius C 65 on productive and health indicators of lactating piglets

Ana J. Rond?n, Yuri?n Ojito, F?tima G. Arteaga, Marta Laurencio, Grethel Mili?n, Y. P?rez

Physico-chemical characterization of the residual cake of D-004 production: lipids extract of the Roystonea regia fruits.Technical note

Carmen L. Morales, V. L. Gonz?lez, D. Marrero, E. A. Rodr?guez, Roxana S. Sierra, Roxana Vicente