Utilization of torula yeast grown on distillerys vinasse in starter and growth diets in White Leghorn L-33 replacement layers


White Leghorn L-33 replacement layers (840 chicks) were used from one until twelve weeks of age distributed according to a completely randomized design, at a rate of 30 birds/cage, in four treatments with seven replications each, with the inclusion of 0, 10, 20 and 30 % of torula yeast, respectively grown on vinasse substrate from alcohol distilleries, in starter (0-42 d) and growth (43-84 d) diets. The inclusion of up to 20 % of vinasse torula yeast during the starter phase allowed a poultry productive performance similar to that of the control group. However, with 30 % it worsened. The 20 % decrease of food consumption determined the lowest live weight (378 vs. 401 g). At 12 weeks of age, birds with 30 % torula yeast maintained a lower live weight (885 vs. 923 g) regarding the control group and at 10 and 20 % torula yeast. Results suggest the inclusion of up to 20 % torula yeast grown on vinasse in the diets for replacement layers during the starter and growth stages.
Key words: torula yeast, layer replacement, feeding, distillery vinasses

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