The Cuban Journal of Agricultural Science is a publication of the Institute of Animal Science from the Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Cuba. It appears quarterly and comprises the following topics in the agricultural field: Applied Mathematics, Economics, Animal Genetics, Animal Science (Physiology, Nutrition and Management of Ruminants and Monogastrics, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Dairy, Beef and Small Livestock), Pastures and Forages, Rural Development, Environment, Sustainable Agricultural Systems, Production Systems, Knowledge
Transaction, Technology Transfer, Technology Innovation and Extensionism. It was founded in 1967. It is an impact and mainstream journal. It also appears in numerous international indices and has received the category of Certified Journal by the Academy of Sciences of Cuba.

Published: 2013-05-27

Components of (co)variance of the weaning weight in Cuban Zebu cattle

D. Guerra, A. Guill?n, J. L. Espinoza, A. Palacios, R. de Luna de la Pe?a, Dianelys Gonz?lez-Pe?a, N. ?vila

Seasonal variation in activity and habitat use of free-ranging cattle in southern Bolivian subtropical mountain forests

Svenja Marquardt, H. Alz?rreca, Edna Hillmann, F. D. Encinas, Andrea C. Mayer, Michael Kreuzer

Instituto de Ciencia Animal, Apartado Postal 24, San Jos? de las Lajas, La Habana

Areadne Sosa, Juana Galindo, Ana Irma Aldana, Onidia Moreira, Niurca Gonz?lez

Effect of distiller?s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) on the excretion of nutrients in growing pigs. Technical note

Mayuly Mart?nez, Manuel Castro, Lourdes Sav?n, L?zara Ayala, Sobeida Casta?eda, J. Ach?n

Serum lipid profile of laying hens fed pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) seed levels

Y. Mart?nez, Manuel Valdivi?, Mirna Estarr?n, G. Solano, J. C?rdoba

Potential utilisation of farmed freshwater mussels (Anodonta anatina and Unio mancus) in Italy

Benedetto Sicuro, Silvia Mioletti, Cesarina Abete, S. Amadeo, Elsa Panini, G. Forneris