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Published: 2013-09-26

Modeling of the biomass accumulation dynamics in Pennisetum purpureum cv. king grass in the Western region of Cuba

Lourdes Rodr?guez, R. Larduet, Ram?n Omar Mart?nez, Verena Torres, Magaly Herrera, Yolaine Medina, Aida C. Noda

Efficiency in dairy units through data envelopment analysis

Javier Herrera, Grisel Barrios, J. O. Flores

In vitro gas production of a ration for dairy cows supplemented with isolated yeasts from apple by-products

D. D?az-Plascencia, C. Rodr?guez-Muela, P. Mancillas-Flores, G. Corral, F. Salvador, L. Duran, Osmany La O

Inclusion of the microbial additive Vitafert in the in vitro ruminal fermentation of a goat diet

Rafael Rodr?guez, J. Lores, Delf?n Guti?rrez, A. Ram?rez, Sarai G?mez, Arabel El?as, Ana Irma Aldana, O. Moreira, Luc?a Sarduy, O. Jay

?Growth dynamics and metabolites produced in the fermentation of Candida norvegensis yeast

C. Angulo-Montoya, Oscar Ruiz-Barrera, Yamicela Castillo, Yoandra Marrero, Arabel El?as, C. Arzola, P. C. Mancillas, D. D?az

Evaluation of torula yeast (Candida utilis) grown on distillery vinasse for broilers

B?rbara Rodr?guez, Manuel Valdivi?, Pedro Lezcano, Magaly Herrera

Influence of the sampling distance on the agronomical indicators of Pennisetum purpureum cv. Cuba CT-115

Rafael Segundo Herrera, Manuel Garc?a, Daileny Fortes, Ana M. Cruz, Aida Romero

Indicators accounting for the variability, in humid basis, among Pennisetum purpureum clones

Rafael Segundo Herrera, Manuel Garc?a, Daileny Fortes, Ana M. Cruz, Aida Romero

Performance of the below ground root biomass in different grasslands of Mayabeque province, Cuba

Idalmis Rodr?guez, L. Hern?ndez, Gustavo Crespo, Bertha Sandrino, S. Fraga

Natural content of heavy metals on cattle regions soils of Mayabeque and Artemisa province in Cuba

N. M. B. Amaral Sobrinho, J. M. Febles Gonz?lez, Y. P. L?pez, J. N. Guedes, M. O. L. Magalh?es, H. J. O. Zoffoli