Vigor: essential element for seed quality

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Marlen Navarro
Gustavo Febles
Rafael S. Herrera


In order to find methodologies with enough sensitivity to determine
more precisely the degree of deterioration of seeds, several
procedures have been developed under the conventional name of
"vigor tests". There are profound debates and suppositions with regard to the concept and processes related to vigor. One idea is that vigor tests were developed in order to provide only additional information to that obtained with the germination test and they also allow to estimate the potential of emergency in the field in a wide range of environmental conditions. In this article, the authors offer a review on vigor, its concept and the most commonly used tests to evaluate it. At the same time, these researchers try to highlight that vigor is not a simple and isolated characteristic from the general performance of a seed feature, but it is the interaction of those biotic and abiotic properties, which influence on seeds and determine the activity level and their performance in time, such as the expressions of viability, dormancy, germination and emergence. Therefore, the term vigor is an integrated and dynamic concept, which cannot be separated because it is an essential part of seed quality.

Key words: vigor, quality, seeds

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Navarro, M., Febles, G., & Herrera, R. S. (2016). Vigor: essential element for seed quality. Cuban Journal of Agricultural Science, 49(4). Retrieved from
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