The Cuban Journal of Agricultural Science is a publication of the Institute of Animal Science from the Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Cuba. It appears quarterly and comprises the following topics in the agricultural field: Applied Mathematics, Economics, Animal Genetics, Animal Science (Physiology, Nutrition and Management of Ruminants and Monogastrics, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Dairy, Beef and Small Livestock), Pastures and Forages, Rural Development, Environment, Sustainable Agricultural Systems, Production Systems, Knowledge
Transaction, Technology Transfer, Technology Innovation and Extensionism. It was founded in 1967. It is an impact and mainstream journal. It also appears in numerous international indices and has received the category of Certified Journal by the Academy of Sciences of Cuba.

Published: 2013-06-17

Management and feeding aspects of the Pelibuey sheep breeder in Cuba

Javier Herrera, Humberto Jord?n, Andr?s Francisco Senra

Genetic characterization of the Cuban Creole goat through microsatellite markers

E. Chac?n, A. Mart?nez, M. La O, F. J. Vel?zquez, E. P?rez, J. Vicente Delgado

The use of zeolite as zearalenone adsorbent in the nutrition of calves

S. Ne?ic, G. Grubic, M. Adamovic, N. ?or?evic, B. Stojanovic, A. Bo?i?kovi?

Characterization of the content of microelements in the soil-plant-animal system and its influence on cattle reproduction in the central region of Cuba

juan Ram?n Garc?a, M. Cuesta, Roberto Garc?a L?pez, R. Qui?ones, J. M. Figueredo, R. Faure, R. Pedroso, A. Mollineda

Blood copper levels and their influence on reproductive indicators of cows in tropical conditions

Juan Ram?n Garc?a, Roberto Garc?a L?pez, M. Cuesta, J. M. Figueredo, R. Qui?ones, R. Faure, R. Pedroso, A. Mollineda

Gas production, volatile fatty acids and ammonia nitrogen in vitro with diets based on dry pasture

C. Rodr?guez Muela, E. Aguirre, F. Salvador, O. Ruiz, C. Arzola, Oreste La O, C. Villalobos

Effect of preparations with the viable yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae and LEVICA-25 on methanogens and in vitro ruminal methanogenesis

Juana Galindo, Yoandra Marrero, Niurca Gonz?lez, Areadne Sosa, Ana L. Miranda, Ana Irma Aldana, Onidia Moreira, Ram?n Bocourt, Denia Delgado, Verena Torres, Luc?a Sarduy, Aida Noda

Effect of hydrolized enzymatic product of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts on the ruminal microbial population with substrate of Pennisetum prupureum vc. Cuba CT-115 under in vitro conditions

Juana Galindo, A. D?az, Niurca Gonz?lez, Areadne Sosa, Yoandra Marrero, Ana Irma Aldana, Onidia Moreira, Ram?n Bocourt, Verena Torres, Luc?a Sarduy, Aida Noda