Formulation and characterization of a biopreparation with Lactobacillus plantarum CAM-6, from the gastrointestinal tract of Colombian native pigs

C. A., Betancur, Ana Rondón, Y. Martínez, R. Rodriguez


The physical-chemical composition of fruit peels was characterized in order to obtain a biopreparation from a culture medium with aqueous extracts of fruit peels (banana, pineapple and papaya) for growing Lactobacillus plantarum CAM-6 and the evaluation of its kinetic parameters and stability over time. Then, an experiment with a completely randomized design and five treatments was developed, in which different mixtures of water with different proportions of fruit peels were evaluated as culture medium.
Biomass, concentration of total reducing sugars, lactic acid and pH were determined. Later, growth kinetics was developed in the selected medium for 24 h, and specific growth rate and duplication time were determined. Finally, strain viability was evaluated under refrigeration conditions, at 4 °C, for 48 days. It was demonstrated that peels presented sufficient soluble solids (12.50-11.67 ºBrix), proteins (0.33-1.31%) and ashes (0.53-
1.32 %) for bacterial growth. The most suitable medium was the aqueous broth of fruit peel extract, containing 40% fruit peel and 60% water, with a growth of 22.97 LN CFU.mL-1, speed of 0.42 h-1 and duplication time of 1.12 h. Viability was stable for the first 24 days (> 22 LN CFU.mL-1) at 4 ºC. It is concluded that the biopreparation with L. plantarum CAM-6 in aqueous extract of papaya, pineapple and banana peels (40:60) guarantees cell growth and viability for 24 days.
Key words: fruit peels, culture medium, growth kinetics, bioprocesses

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