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Published: 2017-12-06

Productive and reproductive performance of water buffaloes in Empresa Pecuaria Genética del Este, in Cuba. Suggestions for their improvement

L. M. Fraga, D. García, Yenny García, Marta Mora, Lourdes Rodríguez, A. Sánchez, Marlen Simón, A. Arce, Y. de Armas

Methodology for the isolation, identification and selection of Bacillus spp. strains for the preparation of animal additives

Grethel Milián, Ana J. Rondón, M. Pérez, Fátima Arteaga, R. Bocourt, Yadileiny Portilla, Marlen Rodríguez, Y. Pérez, A. Beruvides, M. Laurencio

Characterization of Bacillus subtilis strains as candidates for the preparation of animal additives

Grethel Milián, Ana Rondón, M. Pérez, R. Bocourt, Marlén Rodríguez, Fátima Arteaga, Yadileiny Portilla, Y. Pérez, A. Beruvides, Marta Laurencio

Response of Cenchrus ciliaris L. (Buffel cv. Formidable), innoculated with Bradyrhizobium sp. and Trichoderma harzianum, under drought stress

J. C. Bécquer, U. Ávila, Adelaida Puentes, J. A. Nápoles, T. Cancio, E. Mendinilla, Ivón Muir, Yahima Madrigal

Biophysical effect of climate change on summer crops

Adriana E. Confalone, C. A. Vilatte, Laura M. Aguas, Monica F. Barufaldi, M. F. Eseiza, Griselda D. Ponce

Relation between some climatic factors and the chemical composition of Tithonia diversifolia

R. Herrera, D. M. Verdecia, J. L. Ramírez, M. García, Ana M. Cruz