Blood indicators of colostomized broilers, which intake Moringa oleifera forage meal. Technical note

Mabel Almeida, Madeleidy Martínez, L. E. Dihigo


In order to evaluate the effect of moringa (Moringa oleifera) forage meal intake cv. Supergenius on blood indicators of colostomized broilers, a total of 24 animals (hybrids EB34), of 47 d age, were used. The birds were distributed in three treatments and eight repetitions, according to completely randomized design. The treatments consisted in a control diet (soybean- maize) and the inclusion of 10 and 20 % of moringa forage meal. Hematocrit, total proteins, albumin and total cholesterol were determined. The hematological values did not showed significant differences between treatments and remained in the physiological range for the species. Total cholesterol decreased (P <0.05) with respect to the
control diet. It is concluded that the intake of moringa forage meal did not change the blood indicators of protein profile in the diet of colostomized broilers. However, total cholesterol levels decreased, which is beneficial to the birds' health.

Key words: birds, colostomy, cholesterol, hematocrit and protein forage.

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