Assessment of two population densities in the pre-fattening of Clarias gariepinus with semi-humid feed

J. Llanes, J. Toledo


A total of 540 young fish of Clarias gariepinus, with 10.0 + 0.02 g of initial average weight were used to study the effect of two population densities (80 and 100 fish/m3). Cement tanks and semi-humid feed based on silages of fishery by-products were used in the pre-fattening. The fish were distributed according to completely randomized experimental design in two treatments, with three repetitions. No differences were found in the growth indicators (final weights of 105.1 and 96.3 g), feed conversion (2.2 and 2.3) and survival (83.3 and 87 %) between the experimental densities. The productivity was higher (P < 0.01) for 100 fish per m3 (8.3 kg/m3). It is concluded that the pre-fattening of Clarias gariepinus in cement tanks with semi-humid diet, based on fishery silages, is not affected when increasing the density from 80 to100 fish/m3 and allows increasing productivity per culture area.
Key words: clarias, population densities, semi-humid rations.


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