CunICA, software for managing rearing processes in rabbit breeding farms. Technical note

A. Mejías, Raquel Ponce de León, Yoleisy García


This study shows the characterization of CunICA software, created to manage rearing processes in rabbit breeding units and facilitate the control of productive and reproductive events in the enterprises, farms and units. It was performed in Netbeans 7.2, with Java programming language. Its architecture was divided into layers: interface, services and data access. Its visual appearance is pleasant and it is composed of three functions: user, administrator and specialist, which interact with home, reproduction, test, files and options tabs. It is concluded that CunICA application facilitates the computerization of breeding processes in rabbit breeding units, speeds up decision-making by allowing the storage and access to information of farms in a safe, organized and centralized manner.
Key words: software, rabbits, genetics

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