In vivo digestibility of nutrients and energy of moringa (Moringa oleifera ecotype Pernambuco) forage meal, for growing-fattening rabbits

Y. Caro, C. Bôa-Viagem, W.M. Ferreira, Daymara Bustamante, J. Ly., S. Mireles


Thirty-two White New Zealand rabbits, at 55 days of age, were
used to estimate in vivo digestibility of nutrients in moringa forage
meal. Eight animals were randomly distributed in each of the
four experimental groups: 0, 100, 200 and 300 g/kg of moringa
forage meal. Apparent fecal digestibility of dry matter, organic
matter, crude protein, crude energy, neutral detergent fiber and
acid detergent fiber was determined. The other evaluated indicator
was total content of digestible nutrients (protein and energy). Feed
intake was reduced (P> 0.05) in rabbits consuming diets with
moringa forage meal. There were no differences in apparent fecal
digestibility of nutrients among treatments. Digestible energy:
digestible protein relationship increased in rabbits fed with the
moringa forage meal in 11.66; 11.19 and 10.95 g/MJ, with respect
to control diet. The results demonstrated the nutritional potential
of moringa forage meal, when up to 30% is used in rabbit feeding.

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