Evaluation of a probiotic mixture in the started birds feeding of heavy pure breeds B4 in a production unit

Marlen Rodríguez, Grethel Milián, Ana j. Rondón, R. Bocourt, A. Beruvidez, Elayne Crespo


Email: marlen.rodriguez@umcc.cu
In order to evaluate the effect of the inclusion of a probiotic
mixture (bio-preparation) based on Lactobacillus salivariusC65 and
Bacillus subtilis E44 strains on the diet of started birds of heavy pure
breeds, a research was conducted at the Unidad Genética Avícola
“Granma” from Pedro Betancourt municipality, Matanzas. The
study was carried out in a period of 35 days, between December2013
and January 2014.The design was completely randomized and
two treatments were evaluated: T1) basal diet (control) and T2) basal diet plus bio-preparations mixture, in ratio 1:1. A total of 600 heavy pure breeds B4 birds were used, (300 per treatment) with an average weight of 42 grams at birth. They stayed on floor under similar management and feeding conditions. The liveweight, intake, conversion in weight per kilogram of intake food, mortality and birds viability was determined. The animals that received the probiotic mixture had a high liveweight during the rearing, except
in the first two weeks, in which there were not differences between treatments. There were differences (P<0. 05) in the conversion per bird and the mortality percentage and viability, in favor of the treatment with the probiotic mixture. It concludes that it is possible to use this bio -preparation in the started birds feeding of heavy pure breeds, since the best biometric results were found in the group of birds treated with the animal additive.

Key words: probiotic mixture, heavy pure breeds

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