Effect of inoculation with beneficial microorganisms on agroproductive variables of Morus alba

C. Becquer, Adelaida Puentes, Arachely Cabrera, María Hernández, Ana Sánchez


A field experiment was carried out to evaluate the effect of the simple and combined inoculation of Azospirillum brasilense and Glomus cubense on agroproductive variables of Morus alba. An experimental design of control plots was used, with six treatments and ten replications. Conventional inoculation techniques were applied. The treatments consisted of EcoMic®, INICA-8, INICA-8+ EcoMic®, absolute control, control fertilized with
organic matter and control chemically fertilized. The main stem length (cm), main stem diameter (cm), number of branches, number of leaves, dry weight of leaves (g/plant) were evaluated and the inoculation efficiency index was calculated on the basis of the dry weight of leaves (%).Simple ANOVA analysis and comparison of means by Fisher's LSD were performed. The digit count data were transformed by √x. In the main stem length, the chemically fertilized control highlighted due to its higher values (P <0.001) with respect to the rest of treatments, although it shared common letters with the control fertilized with organic matter at 45 (90.15 cm) and 75 days
after sowing (119.50 cm), as well as with EcoMic® + INICA-8, at 135 days after sowing (190.40 cm). Regarding the dry weight of leaves, the treatment inoculated with the combination of EcoMic® + INICA-8 (78.51 g/plant) and the control fertilized with organic matter (76.79 g/plant) were higher to the rest (P <0.001) , and statistically similar to each other. It is concluded that the combined inoculation of EcoMic® + INICA-8 exerted a higher effect on the studied variables. The variables that were most favored with the inoculation were the stem length and the number of branches. The simple inoculation of INICA-8 was inefficient in all variables.

Key words: Azospirillum brasilense, Glomus cubense, nutrition, mulberry.

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