Probiotic effect of PROBIOLACTlL®, SUBTILPROBIO® and their mixture on productive and health indicators of growing pigs

Ana J. Rondón, Marvelys Socorro, A. Beruvides, Grethel Milián, Fátima Arteaga, R. Vera


To evaluate the probiotic effect of PROBIOLACTlL®, SUBTILPROBIO® biopreparations and their mixture, on productive and health indicators in growing pigs, an experiment with a completely randomized design was developed, with four treatments: 1 control) basal diet without additives, 2) basal diet + PROBIOLACTIL®, 3) basal diet + SUBTILPROBIO® and
4) basal diet + mixture of both biopreparations. As a result, it was confirmed that these additives and their mixture improved all indicators. Better effects were manifested in pigs that consumed PROBIOLACTIL®. The evaluated biopreparations produced benefits in animals, since they improved eubiosis of the gastrointestinal tract, which contributed to improve (P <0.05) live weight (27.15 kg/25.59 kg), daily mean gain of animals (408.65g/445.27g), weight gain (19.42kg/16.36 kg) and food
conversion (2.44/2.90). Furthermore, the incidence of diarrhea decreased (8.57/67.14 %) in treated animals. Results confirm the probiotic potential of these biopreparations, when applied to pigs during growth stage, with better effects on those that consumed PROBIOLACTIL®.
Key words: probiotics, Lactobacillus, Bacillus, zootechnical additives, pig farming

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