Importance indice: loss estimates and solution effectiveness on production. Technical Note.

G. Demolin-Leite


Frequencies, magnitudes, and distributions of occurrence can affect the events. The problem or the solution will be greater depending on the degrees of frequency and magnitude. Indices, hence, are used to assist in decision making on certain issues. The motivation of this study was to develop an indice able to identify the loss (L.S.) and solution (S.S.) sources, and their importances in terms of loss or income gain on system. The developed indice was: percentage of the importance indice (% I.I.) = [(ks1 x c1 x ds1)/Σ (ks1 x c1 x ds1) + (ks2 x c2 x ds2) + (ksn x cn x dsn)] x 100. The L.S.1 and L.S.7 were the most important on reducing production and S.S.3 and S.S.5 in increasing income gain on system. It is show the percentage of the importance indice (% I.I.), an indice, capable of detecting the key loss and solution sources on system, can be applied in some knowledge areas.
Key words: Abundance, agriculture, constancy, forestry production.

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